Every year we host a wild game sampler free to the public!

Next event September 12th 2020!

Wild Game Processing

 We have become the largest processor in Western Wisconsin for bear, elk, moose and venison processing from whole carcass animals, bone-in or quartered animals, and boneless trim material.  Our award winning recipe lineup produces over 19 sausage products. If you have any questions, give us a call!

WHY choose us....? Because we yield more!!!!


We Focus on Wild Game

Each year as we move into the Fall, we shut down all other processing operations and focus 100% on wild game processing.  Because we do this, we are able to increase our speed, efficiency and create a wonderful experience for our customers.  

How long will it take to get my meat back?

This is another area where Deer's Food Locker shines!  All animals harvested in the Fall will be available for pickup beginning the Sunday before the opening of the "Gun Deer Season" for your enjoyment at Deer Camp.  All animals harvested during the "Gun Deer Season" will be complete at Christmas time provided that you drop it off to us by our cutoff date!  You won't find that ANYWHERE else!

Do I get my own meat back?

All traditional cuts are 100% from the animal you harvested.   Due to efficiencies, sausage products are batched.... if you have a private batch request, please contact us and we can discuss that option with you!

Award winning recipes

Our recipes have been time-tested and improved over the 50+ years we have been in business.  Our snack sticks, brats and jerky have been called "the best around" - we agree!